Minor Account

We’ve simplified the way you open an account for your children.

Through the QIB Mobile App, you can now open a Minor Saving Account or Misk Account for your child securely and quickly. You can view and transact using the Minor Account through the App.

All it takes is a few taps to plan the future of your child.

  • Login to QIB Mobile App
  • Go to “More” and tap on “Apply for Products”
  • Select “Open a Minor Account” than Proceed
  • Confirm that you’re the father and Choose the type of account
  • Scan the minor’s QID
  • Enter mobile number you wish to use and enter OTP
  • Confirm Minor’s information and follow the instructions

Savings Account:

  • Your child must be below the age of 18 years.
  • Minors can open the accounts through a legal guardian (as per the policy of Qatar Central Bank and Qatari Law).
  • Minimum deposit of QAR 20,000 in the account.

Misk Account:

  • For Weekly/Monthly draws:
    1. Maintain a monthly minimum balance of QAR 10,000
    2. For each QAR 10,000 you will have one chance in the draw
    3. You have to open / maintain a Misk savings account for at least 1 calendar month
  • For every quarterly draw:
    1. To qualify for the Grand Prize draws, the customer must open the account three months prior to the draws and maintain a minimum of QAR 10,000 for each month of those months
    2. Each QAR 10,000 is equal to 1 chance, for every month maintained in the year
  • Misk Account is opened in Qatari Riyals only
  • To be eligible for the Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly draws, QAR 10,000 should be maintained as a minimum monthly balance in your Misk Account
  • Misk account is available for Individuals (Qataris & Residents), Minors and Joint account customers
  • Required documents to open an account include:
    1. A Copy of your ID (for Locals & Expats)
    2. A Copy of Passport (for Expats)
  • Minimum deposit of QAR 10,000 in the account

Please ensure you have the following the documents with you:

  • A QID copy of the applicant & the guardian (for Locals & Expats)
  • Copy of Passport of the applicant & the guardian (for Expats)


A guardian can apply Via the QIB Mobile App or at the nearest branch by filling out a form (special form for Minors).