Misk Savings Account

Misk Account is a unique savings account that brings you exceptional features and benefits and gives you the opportunity to win weekly and monthly prizes and grand prizes every 3 months.

Like the normal savings account, you have the freedom to deposit and withdraw money from the account at your convenience.

Misk Account enjoys the largest prizes pool in Qatar with a total of QAR 14,200,000 to be awarded to 832 winners throughout the year.

Multiplying your savings by QAR 10,000 multiplies the chances to win.

  • 1 winner will receive the Grand Prize of QAR 1,000,000 every 3 months (A total of 4 Winners receiving QAR 4 Million)
  • 4 winners will receive the Monthly Prize of QAR 50,000 each (A total of 48 winners receiving QAR 2.4 million)
  • 15 winners will receive the Weekly Prize of QAR 10,000 each (A total of 780 winners, receiving QAR 7.8 million)
  • Freedom to deposit and withdraw cash from the account at anytime
  • Multiplying your savings by QAR 10,000 multiplies the chances to win
  • No Minimum Monthly Fee
  • Profit will be declared and paid every quarter
  • Free debit card
  • Free Internet Banking and QIB Mobile App
  • For Weekly/Monthly draws:
    • Maintain a monthly minimum balance of QAR 10,000
    • For each QAR 10,000 you will have one chance in the draw
    • You have to open / maintain a Misk savings account for at least 1 calendar month
  • For every quarterly draw:
    • To qualify for the Grand Prize draws, the customer must open the account three months prior to the draws and maintain a minimum of QAR 10,000 for each month of those months
    • Each QAR 10,000 is equal to 1 chance, for every month maintained in the year
  • Misk Account is opened in Qatari Riyals only
  • To be eligible for the Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly draws, QAR 10,000 should be maintained as a minimum monthly balance in your Misk Account
  • Misk account is available for Individuals (Qataris & Residents), Minors and Joint account customers
  • Required documents to open an account include:
  1. A Copy of your ID (for Locals & Expats)
  2. A Copy of Passport (for Expats)
Weekly Winners – First Draw
Amal Sabt Khalifa Hanady Mohammed Al-Mohannadi
Waleed Ali Al-Hammadi Shaikha Nasser Al-Maadeed
Abdo Nagi Al-Zoqari Saad Salem Al-Naimi
Salman Mohamed Al-Mudahka Bashaer Salih Baraba
Latifa Mohamed Al-Mannai Nasser Hamad Al-Marri
Khalid Nasser Al-Otaibi Ghanim Rashid Al-Naimi
Arshad Hameed Abdulhameed Shaikha Ghanim Al-Ali
Abdulla Ali Al-Marri  

Common Questions

Want to know more about the Misk Account and how you can be eligible to be the next lucky winner? Here are all the answers.

How do I participate in the draw?

Every customer who has a Misk Account with a minimum balance of QAR 10,000 monthly will automatically enter the draw.

How do I open a Misk Account?

You can visit any of the bank’s branches or use the QIB Mobile App to open a Misk Account in simple steps.

What is the value of the prizes offered by the Misk Account?

Misk offers 3 categories of prizes:

Weekly: 15 lucky winners will get QAR 10,000 each

Monthly: 4 lucky winners will get QAR 50,000 each

Every 3 Months: 1 lucky winner will get QAR 1,000,000

Can I increase my chances of winning?

The deposit of every QAR 10,000 counts as an additional chance to win. For example, an account holder with a minimum balance of QAR 40,000 will have 4 chances to win. When the minimum account balance is increased to QAR 50,000 or more, the account holder will have an additional chance to win the draw. 

The more you save, the more chances you have to win.

How is the winner selected? What is the draw mechanism?

The electronic system determines eligible customers’ chances of winning based on their minimum monthly balance based on the Misk Account Terms & Conditions.

Under the supervision and presence of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry representative, the draw done electronically will generate the list of weekly, monthly, and quarterly draw winners.

When are the winners announced?

For weekly prizes, 15 winners will be announced every Thursday.

For monthly prizes, 4 winners will be announced on the first day of each month, or the following business day if it takes place on a weekend or a holiday.

For the grand prizes, 1 winner will be announced every three months.

Can I win more than once?

You can only win one prize under weekly and monthly prizes during the month

You can win more than once in the upcoming draws.

You will be eligible to participate again if you meet the Terms and Conditions.

To open an account instantly, download the QIB Mobile App!

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