Car Finance

With QIB Car Finance, choose your car and let us provide you with the right tool to own it. Our exclusive offer will ensure that you will get the best car price at the best rate along with the best car Takaful to protect your car.

Now you can get the most unbeatable car finance from QIB.

Ready to hit the road in style or in a greener fashion? We’re thrilled to introduce our Exclusive Car Finance offer for regular, Electric and Hybrid Cars, designed to light up your path to owning the car of your dreams!

From February 25 until April 30, 2024, don’t miss out on our exclusive offers for both regular and electric cars.


  • Flat Financing Rate for regular cars: Starting from just 2.63%, with an equivalent reducing rate of 4.99%.
  • Flat Financing Rate for electric and hybrid cars: Starting from just 2.36%, with an equivalent reducing rate of 4.49%.
  • Free Credit Card: Receive a complimentary Credit Card for the first year.
  • Up to 6 Months Grace Period: Enjoy peace of mind with up to 6 months grace period.
  • MyBook Subscription: Dive into a world of offers with a complimentary MyBook subscription.

Terms and Conditions apply.