Finance Cash Bonus

Ready to turn your liabilities into rewards?

Transfer your salary and liabilities to QIB and get a guaranteed cash bonus of up to QAR 100,000, and MORE!

  • Free Credit Card for the first year
  • Complementary MyBook subscription
  • Guaranteed Cash Bonus as per the below table:
Guaranteed Cash Bonus Financing Amount Cash Bonus % Maximum Cash Bonus
From QAR 100,000 to QAR 499,000 1.50% QAR 7,500
From QAR 500,000 to QAR 999,000 2.00% QAR 20,000
From QAR 1,000,000 to QAR 1,490,000 2.50% QAR 38,000
From QAR 1,500,000 and above 6.00% QAR 100,000
  • Personal finance is applicable through any channel.
  • The minimum finance period is 4 years.
  • Available for Qataris and Residents

Don’t miss out! This special offer which runs from 11 March until 11 May 2024.

Terms and conditions apply.

Customer applies for buy-out finance as per the campaign eligibility mentioned in the below criteria:

  • Campaign period: 2 Months from 11 March until 11 May 2024
  • Buyout finance only
  • Minimum finance amount eligibility: QR 100,000
  • For Qataris and Residents
  • Cash bonus amount will be credited to customer account with the hold until his salary transferred