Experience the speed of “Fawran”!
Instantly send and receive money in Qatar with the new instant payment service “Fawran” via the QIB Mobile App.

  • Instant transfers 24/7 within Qatar ensuring that funds reach recipient’s account within seconds
  • No bank details required, so you can transfer money using Beneficiary Alias alone, making the process quick and hassle-free
  • It is a very secure way of transfer
  • Minimum transfer as low as QAR 1 and as much as QAR 50,000
  • You need to assign an Alias to each account, which acts as a tag to identify the account for Fawran

Fawran fees to other Bank’s Account inside Qatar:

Range of amount (in QAR)Fee (in QAR)
0 to 1,0000.50
1,000.01 – 50,0002

Charges won’t be applicable on Fawran transfers within QIB.

  • An Alias is a unique identifier that you can assign to each of your QIB accounts specifically for Fawran
  • You can provide this easy-to-remember Alias to family and friends to send or receive money from and to your account instantly
  • Ease of Use: instead of sharing your account details, you can provide this Alias to family and friends.
  • Security: It adds a layer of privacy, as you don’t have to disclose sensitive account details
  • Efficient Transactions: Others can use your Alias to instantly send money to your account via Fawran
  • When you want to transfer money using Fawran, simlply use the recipient’s Alias instead of their account number. It is a fast, secure and convenient way to manage transactions
  • Remember each Alias is unique to the account it represent, making your banking experience both efficient and secure


Terms and Conditions apply.


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Fawran Terms & Conditions

  1. Registration to Fawran service by creating an Alias is mandatory for using Fawran service.
  2. Only a QAR CASA account that are Current, Saving or Misk Saving can be linked with an Alias.
  3. Account that’s intended for linkage to Alias must be active. Dormant or Restricted account cannot be linked with a Fawran Alias.
  4. Fawran transfer fees is free on all transfers