Updating Corporate Account Information

In compliance with the regulatory requirements, kindly note that, from time to time, QIB will request you to update the information related to your account and your business
This is a mandatory requirement and failing to comply with this requirement might unfortunately lead to closing your account. Accordingly, QIB will also request you to return any Cheques you may have and will issue a manager cheque of your available balance and send it to your registered address.

Corporate Account Information Updating Requirements :

Print the attached document, fill up and sign by authorized signatory.

Provide QIB with the following documents:

  • Written declaration letter duly signed by all partners that the authorized signatories of the company have the right to sign the Corporate customer information update form for the company at any time including information about the company, the personal information about the partners (individuals and/or corporate), and the personal information of the Company Directors/management and the authorized signatories other than partners, with our knowledge and consent.
  • Duly Completed and signed FATCA / CRS Tax Declaration
  • Valid commercial registration Copy (Arabic & English)
  • Valid Establishment / Computer Card (Copy)
  • Valid Trade License (Copy)
  • Memorandum & Article of association
  • Board Resolution
  • If any of the partner(s) is a company, a Valid Partner CR (Copy) is required and copies of all partners’ Qatari IDs.
  • QID for all partners and authorized signatories
  • Valid Passport copy for expat partners/ Authorized signatories
  • QID / Passport for Directors & top management (e.g. CEO, CFO..etc.) other than Partners & Authorized Signatories
  •  Tax Card (If Applicable)

For individual accounts:

Note: QIB may request additional documents deemed necessary for the update process

Where to deliver

  • Please ensure that all fields are properly completed and the update form is duly signed and stamped.
  • Please kindly deliver the completed documentation to the Corporate Service Centre located at Fanar branch during the official working hours from Sunday to Thursday 7:30 am – 1:00 pm.

For further inquiries, Please Call 44109914.