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Cards Security Tips


What do I do when I receive my Debit / Credit Card?

  • Check if your name has been correctly spelt on the card.
  • Sign in the signature section of the ATM / Debit card as soon as you receive it. (As shown below...)
  • Always keep your card in a safe location. They are as valuable as your cash or cheques.
  • Change the PIN to something of your choice as soon as you receive it. Try to memorize the PIN number and not write it down.
  • In case of a card being replaced, destroy your old card by cutting it into 4 pieces and then discard it.

What do I do if my Card is lost or damaged?

  • If you have lost your Credit Card, call the Customer Care immediately and report the incident. Your card will be blocked instantly to prevent any unauthorized transactions.
  • Clearly follow the instructions provided to you by the Customer Care in case of issuing new card or seeking replacement.

Things to remember when at the ATM

  • Always ensure that you are not being watched by someone when entering your PIN at the ATM terminal.
  • Do not allow anyone to assist you at the ATM.
  • Before leaving the ATM, ensure that you count your cash and stow away your card. Never count your cash away from the ATM terminal.
  • Never leave your ATM transaction receipt at the ATM. Shred the receipt in case you would like to discard it.

Things to remember when shopping with Debit Card / Credit Card

  • When presenting your card for payment at the end of shopping, never let the merchant carry your card into another room for swiping it. You should be able to see your card at all times.
  • Always check that the card being returned to you belongs to you.
  • After payment, always collect your transaction slip for your record. You can use this slip to check against your monthly card transactions.
  • Once you have verified your transaction slip against your card statements, discard the slips by shredding it.

What does QIB do to secure my card transactions?

  • QIB has setup SMS notifications for all transactions that are done using the ATM / Debit Cards / Credit Cards
  • In the event of your card being stolen / lost, QIB deactivates your debit card as soon as it is reported and your branch will issue you a new card.
  • IB has setup a withdrawal limit on all ATMs (both QIB and non-QIB ATMs). This aims to reduce the number of fraudulent withdrawals.

How to keep my Credit Card secure?

  • Keep your card in a safe place where you can see it instantly if it is missing. It is often very late by the time cardholders realize that their card is missing.
  • Always keep your bank's Customer Care number readily available, so that you can call to report any missing / misuse of your card.
  • At the end of a transaction, ensure that the card being returned to you is indeed yours. In many cases, cards get exchanged in crowded shopping centers, malls or restaurants.
  • When handing over your card for swiping at the merchant terminal, ensure that the card is swiped in front of you and not taken into another room. The card should only be swiped once, unless it was not swiped correctly in the first attempt.
  • Ensure that card details such as Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV numbers are not being copied or written when the card is being swiped. (Screenshot below shows how to identify CVV number)
  • Do not hand over your card to anyone, even if they claim to be representatives of the bank.
  • In case of a card being replaced or being cancelled, cut the card into four pieces across the magnetic strip before discarding it. This will ensure that the magnetic strip is not used by anyone for reading data off it for counterfeit purposes.

Tips to remember while doing online transactions

  • Before making payments online, ensure that the merchant website is a secured site. Always look for a 'lock' symbol in your browser's address bar or status bar to check if the site is secured. You can also check if the site is secured by reading the website's address. The page hosting the payment form should start with an HTTPS. (As shown below)
  • Qatar Islamic Bank will never ask for your banking / card details via email or phone. So please, do not respond to emails or phone calls with your banking details even if the communication claims to be from the bank.
  • Ensure that while using your cards online, you look for tags such as Trusted by Verisign, Verified by Visa to ensure a safe and reliable transaction.
  • When done making payments from online banking, always logout from your banking session and close the browser.

How to report an incident / issue?

Contact the 24 HR Customer Care @ 4444 8444,

  • If your card gets stolen / lost
  • If your card is not working and you would like to seek a replacement
  • To report any unauthorized transactions