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COVID-19 National Response Guarantees Program

The program is a 100% guarantee scheme of the Government of Qatar to help mitigate Covid-19 impacts by relieving the most critical short-term payments private sector employers will face during the next 3 months (April, May, June 2020) as it includes Staff payroll-Salaries and Rental fees.

The components financed by the Guarantee Program, are the Staff payroll as per the Wage Protection system registry (WPS) and Rental fees (factory, business outlet, warehouse and labor accommodation rent) for a period of up to 3 months paid on a monthly pro-rata basis.

For further information, please contact our designated Relationship Managers for this program:

Omar Sulaiman 50798701 / 40334152
Marwan Al Deghemat 33110309 / 40334110
For non-Arabic speakers: 
Mohammed Faris 55227518 / 40334149
Nishad Kutty 66237686  / 40334151