QIB SoftPOS is an innovative payment solution that allows your business to accept payments from any EMV contactless card or mobile wallet using your NFC enabled Android Smartphone device. This service requires no additional POS hardware and delivers a secure, fast and convenient payment experience

  • An innovative payment solution mobile app
  • Fully secured, safe and easy to use
  • Easy registration and service activation process
  • Can be used on any Android device that supports NFC
  • Accepts all contactless cards and wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay etc.
  • Certified by Mastercard, Visa and NAPS
  • Offers digital transaction receipt via SMS or Email
  • Offers all traditional POS features including Void, Refund, Transaction List, Summary Report, Online Portal etc.
  • No need for any additional POS hardware

What is QIB “SoftPOS”?

QIB SoftPOS is a digital payment acceptance solution offered by QIB that allows your business to accept contactless payments from an EMV contactless card or mobile wallet, by using your NFC enabled Android Smartphone device, or NFC enabled Android tablet device

What types of payments does QIB SoftPOS support?

QIB SoftPOS accepts all contactless payments performed by using EMV contactless cards or wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay etc.

The current supported payment schemes are NAPS, Mastercard and VISA

What are the functions available on QIB SoftPOS app?

QIB SoftPOS offers the following functions:

  1. Sale transaction
  2. Void transaction
  3. Refund transaction
  4. Transaction View / Search for past 6 months. Details can also be extracted
  5. Daily Summary Report for last 6 months. Report can also be extracted

Is the QIB SoftPOS app secure?

QIB SoftPOS app is a highly secured and robust app that never stores any sensitive information or transaction logs on the device. QIB SoftPOS app can only be used within Qatar. The platform is fully compliant to International security standards and certified by Mastercard and Visa

What is the eligibility criteria for applying?

Sharia’a Compliant Businesses that hold a valid QIB Current account with good conduct history and a legitimate requirement for accepting customer payments can apply for the SoftPOS service by submitting all the required valid documentation. However, each QIB SoftPOS application will be individually reviewed and approved at the Bank’s discretion

How can I apply for the QIB SoftPOS service?

Existing Merchants availing POS / Payment Gateway service may submit a formal request letter to avail the SoftPOS service signed by the authorized signatories

New Customers may follow the below process:

  1. Open a QIB Current Account
  2. Complete the Merchant Agreement (Stamped & Signed by all the authorized signatories)
  3. Visit QIB’s POS Hub office to submit the signed Merchant Agreement along with following documents:
  4. Valid Commercial Registration copy
  5. Valid Trade License (Municipality)
  6. Valid Establishment Card copy of the company
  7. Valid QID copy of all authorized signatories
  8. Valid IBAN Confirmation Letter
  9. Audited financial statement of the past year
  10. MOI Letter that indicates the names of all employees of the company

For any further inquiries, you may visit QIB POS Hub Office, Grand Hamad Street, Tel: 40342600, 44020020, Email: POS-Support@qib.com.qa

How can I download and access the QIB SoftPOS app?

After you have applied and registered for QIB SoftPOS service, you may download the QIB SoftPOS app from Google Play on your NFC enabled Android Smartphone. The login credentials for the QIB SoftPOS app will be sent by SMS to the registered user(s). Upon first time login, the user will require to set a four digit PIN for the subsequent use of the app

What can I do if I changed my phone or lost my mobile device?

If you changed your phone or if it is lost or stolen, you may contact QIB Merchant Services to deactivate / reset the service, so that you can safely use it from another device

What can I do if I forgot my password?

You may reset your password from the app with the help of an OTP or you may contact QIB Merchant Services for password reset assistance