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Welcome to QIB Accounts

At QIB, we are committed to provide different types of accounts to meet your different needs, whether you want to open a current, saving or time deposit account, we got it all for you...

Current Accounts

A current account is a call deposit for individuals. It

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Savings Accounts

Saving accounts take the form of a call account, allowing

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Misk Savings Account

Weekends are more exciting with QIB’s Misk Savings Account. Open

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Children Savings Account

At QIB we understand the need of parents wanting to

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Certificate of Deposit

An exceptional opportunity to grow your money

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Time Deposit Accounts

This is an investment account in which funds are accepted

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Term deposit with multiple profit payment options

Now you have the choice to earn the profit on

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A tribute to your efforts, Special Package for Pensioners

In appreciation of their hard work to secure a better

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International Bank Account Number - IBAN

The International Bank Account Number - IBAN is an expanded

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