Mastercard Summer Campaign

Win Big with QIB Mastercard this summer

This summer, use your QIB Mastercard Debit Card internationally or QIB Mastercard Credit Card locally and internationally for the chance to win a  grand price of QR 100,000 or weekly prize of QR 25,000.

  • Grand Prize: 1 lucky customer will win QAR 100,000.
  • Weekly Winners: 13 lucky customers will win QAR 25,000 each
  • Minimum spends to enter Weekly  draw QAR 5,000 and for Grand Draw QAR 25,000 for 1 entry
  • Only International Purchases on Mastercard Debit cards will be counted
  • Local & International Purchases on Mastercard Credit cards will be counted
  • Cash withdrawals will not be counted


Campaign Date: 1st June till 31st August 2021


*Terms & Conditions Apply

Mastercard Cards Campaign’s Terms & Conditions

  • The Campaign is for all QIB Mastercard Credit Card on international and local spends and Debit Card on international spends only.
  • Use of any QIB Mastercard Credit Card for a minimum total amount of each QR 5,000 per week for international/domestic spends will be considered as 1 chance in weekly draw.
  • Use of QIB Mastercard Debit Card for a minimum total amount of each QR 5,000 per week for international spends will be considered as 1 chance for weekly draws
  • Every QR 25,000 spend during the campaign period will give 1 chance for the grand prize draw
  • The campaign period will be from 1st June 2021 to 31st August 2021.
  • Only spends done & reflected in the Client cards statement during the period of the campaign will be considered as “spends” (billed transactions).
  • Cash withdrawal transaction will be ‘excluded’ from total spends during this campaign.
  • International spends means any POS / Online purchases done outside Qatar.
  • Domestic spends means any POS / Online purchases done in Qatar.
  • Any Cardholder who is delinquent at the time of the draw will be excluded from the campaign draw.
  • Winners – MasterCard Cardholders:
    • Weekly 1 winner – Total 13 winners during campaign period will win each QR 5,000 cash prize
    • Grand Prize: 1 winner will win QR 100,000 at the end of Campaign period – if the total spend amount exceeds QR 25,000 during the campaign period.
  • First Draw that will take place first weekly of July (Month of June): 4 winners
  • Second Draw that will take place first week of August (month of July): 5 Winners
  • Third draw that will take place in September (month of August & grand prize): 4 Winners + Grand Prize.
  • Weekly spends between the period from 1st June till 31st August 2021 will be considered in the draw.
  • Client agrees that in case of any dispute, the Bank’s records and the Bank’s decision thereof shall be the final decision accepted by Cardholder.
  • Supplementary cardholder spends will be included in the total spends of the primary card.
  • Upon the aforementioned eligibility, cardholder will automatically enter into the draw.
  • Draw will be conducted in QIB premises or Online in the presence of aMinistry official.
  • QIB will generate lucky winners through a random electronic draw.
  • The cash prize will be credited to the Client’s current/savings account with QIB.
  • Cardholder will be contacted on their contact details in QIB systems.
  • QIB will attempt to contact the cardholders 3 times
  • QIB reserves the right to disqualify any cardholder from the campaign in the event that abnormal usage patterns are suspected.
  • Only cardholders with card status “Active” and non-delinquent at the time of draw will be eligible for the award.
  • Staff of QIB are excluded from the campaign.
  • QIB cards terms and conditions apply
  • These T&C will be governed by Qatari Law and the courts of Qatar shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute that may arise out of or in connection of these T&C.