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Walady Education Plan

Since the cost of higher education is rapidly increasing year after year, you will be in need of greater sum at various stages of your child’s education. You can trust our Shari’a-compliant Child Education Plan to meet the responsibilities of your parenthood. It helps you to secure a bright future for your child.

Child Education Plan is a long term savings and investment plan coupled with Takaful protection for the parent. It helps to provide financial security for your child’s education and also offers return on contributions depending on the fund performance.

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above is designed and underwritten by Medgulf Takaful. It contains only general information. It does not constitute an offer to buy or sell a Takaful plan or service nor is it intended to provide any financial advice. Any person interested in this plan should read and consider its complete terms and conditions and the initial disclosure document before making a decision. Please request the same from your branch or your relationship manager at QIB.

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