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Banking for the elite

Your Private Trusted Advisor

At QIB Private, we aspire to provide you with the highest levels of personalised service. Hence every solution that we offer you will be meticulously crafted to meet with your individual requirements. A highly qualified and experienced Relationship Manager will be assigned to serve you exclusively at all times. He will be assisted by a team of advisors, analysts and seasoned bankers.

Our Relationship Managers possess the required expertise and knowhow to offer you 360-degree financial solutions, and take a proactive approach in identifying and developing customised solutions and opportunities for you. Such a microscopic understanding of your needs will ensure that you are always served with the best banking and financial solutions.

As a high net worth individual, we are very well aware of your lifestyle choices. In this regard, we have crafted our entire portfolio of products and services to be perfectly in tune with your lifestyle.

Bank with Privacy

Privacy is of utmost importance while making vital decisions. We value your privacy and hence, we provide you with a safe and discrete environment to execute your daily transactions or discuss your long-term needs.

Flawless and Efficient Execution

  • Flawless 'first-time right' execution of transactions
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representatives and Operations Team to optimise execution efficiencies
  • Unique turnaround times
  • Guaranteed response to queries/complaints
  • Hassle-free documentation: pre-filled documents and requests prepared by RMs and CSRs

A Wealth of Privileges

  • Privileged treatment and priority access across all QIB branches
  • Order execution from anywhere in the world
  • International financing facilities; multicurrency accounts