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Financial Planning

At QIB, we're committed to help you preserve and grow your wealth. Our Takaful plans offer security and peace of mind, while our savings and investment plans make sure your money works harder for you. Your Relationship Manager together with a team of experienced specialists can assist you in choosing the best solutions.

Takaful Plans

With the Takaful programme, you can be confident that every aspect of your life is fully covered.

Family Shield Platinum

Since we cannot foresee what tomorrow may bring, QIB offers a unique tailor made product: Family Shield Platinum exclusively to Tamayuz customers; ensuring the financial security of your loved ones in the unfortunate event such as critical illnesses, permanent disability, or early demise God forbid... read more

Travel Takaful

Jet around the world confidently and safely with QIB's Takaful travel coverage. Our comprehensive multi-trip policies are competitively priced and include coverage of up to one year for travel outside Qatar.

Car Takaful

Our premium rates for car Takaful are the most competitive in Qatar. Available as comprehensive or third party only, our car Takaful policies come in 1-year or 3-year options.

Savings Plans

This Shari'a compliant programme offers you security and protection for your future. As a Tamayuz customer, you can enjoy worthy returns through preferential rates, protected in full Takaful coverage.

We are committed to help you achieve your goals. Our saving plans are designed for exactly that:

  • Secure your children's education at a prestigious university
  • Secure your children's marriage expenses
  • Purchase any property you desire, quickly and easily
  • Continue the good life during retirement, while enjoying substantial savings for you and your family


We know you worked hard to accumulate your wealth, so at QIB we are committed to helping you grow it even further. We offer you exclusive access to our experienced Investment Advisors who can recommend the best strategies to meet your financial goals. Our advisors have in-depth knowledge of global and regional markets, and access to international financial centres.

Our proven investment advice is based on:

  • Understanding your risk and investment profile
  • Growing your wealth to achieve your dreams
  • Diversifying your portfolio across multiple asset channels
  • Ensuring maximum flexibility through highly liquid solutions