Al Dhameen program has been developed by QDB (Qatar Development Bank) to encourage small and medium enterprises to get the right finance from the Banks in order to grow their businesses.

QIB is proud to partner with QDB to support the small and medium enterprises in order to enable them to nurture their businesses.

AL-DHAMEEN assists start up and existing companies with lack of collateral to obtain access to funds for establishment or growth their businesses.

  • The business owner facilities to receive the required finance for their project from QIB, through issuance of guarantees in favor of the Bank
  • The investor to go directly to the bank without QDB involvement at all, the partner bank will arrange for every things required for financing amount up to QAR 10M per project and max. Qar 20M per group with same guarantee coverage percentage in the indirect program.
  • Al Dhameen for startups is for Private sector companies less than 3 years old that are 51% Qatari-owned are eligible for guarantees of up to 85% of the finance amount, which is limited to 10 million QR per project
  • The Al Dhameen for existing companies, are eligible for guarantees of up to 75% of the unsecured outstanding principal and financing limits of up to QR 10 million. per project
  • AL-DHAMEEN finance can be either in the form of project financing for manufacturing, where the maximum tenor is 8 years including a 2 year grace period. Financing for services will have a maximum tenor of 5 years, including a 1 year grace period.
  • Any Qatari project - small and medium enterprises or joint ventures (including foreign investors) whose annual turnover does not exceed 30 million QR can apply for finance from QIB under the Al Dhameen program.
  • The individual project can receive more than one facility under AL-DHAMEEN program, since a letter of guarantee is issued for each provided facility. The total guarantees issued per project will not exceed 10 million QR.
  • All main sector business activities are eligible for support under AL-DHAMEEN except the following sectors: agriculture, fishing and livestock, non-oil mining and quarrying, wholesale and retail trade, financial and insurance activities and real estate activities.
  • Visit QIB Grand Hamad Branch – Aamaly Department
  • Get a guarantee request form for small and medium enterprises financing through QIB, AL-DHAMEEN program.
  • Fill out the required forms and attach copies of the required project related documents.