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Aamaly Solutions

Working Capital

  • This is a a revolving credit facility to take care of your seasonal business needs. This is especially designed to fit your needs and. Your dedicated relationship manager will guide you whenever you opt for this financing option.

New Project

  • Aamaly provides the option of financing to back-up your new business projects. This facility is available to finance both the required funded and non-funded aspects of your projects.


  • When it comes to financing your business, access to vehicles, equipment, or assistance with managing fluctuating cash flow cycles, we can provide you with the capital and flexibility you require.

Start-up Business (Al-Dhameen)

  • To access financial aid and advisory services from the Al-Dhameen lending program, a start-up company must hold a trade permit or a different certification of establishment and be majority owned by a Qatari citizen. With Aamaly, you have the option of financing your start-up either straight through QIB or - if you meet the requirements - through the government-supported Al-Dhameen program with our assistance.

Trade Finance

  • Flexible lending is a must-have for any successful business. With Aamaly, you have access to a great range of business lending products designed to drive your business and manage your trading and project finance needs.

Import and Export Letters of Credit

  • If your dealings involve working with businesses abroad, our International Trade Finance Division can help with all your requirements.

Letter of Guarantees

  • With Aamaly, you have the option of utilizing a non-funded facility to handle the requirements of tenders and ongoing projects. This facility is available to finance the required tender bonds, performance bonds, and advance payment guarantees that may be asked of you.