Wages Protection System (WPS)

Wages Protection System (WPS) is an electronic salary transfer system that allows institutions to pay workers’ wages via banks, approved and authorized to provide the service. The system, developed by Qatar Central Bank, allows the Ministry of Labor to create a database that records wage payments in the private sector to guarantee the timely and full payment of agreed-upon wages. The WPS covers all institutions registered with the Ministry across all sectors and industries and will benefit different categories of labor.

Transfer your employees’ salaries online and save time!

We are pleased to inform you that the Wage Protection System (WPS) is now available online!

Thanks to WPS, you can now save all the time you need for your business by simply transferring your employees’ salaries, online and from your office, with a click of a button.

To know more about the WPS Account Opening Procedures and main Rejection reasons, please click here

Register and login by visiting WPS Online Portal: https://wps.qib.com.qa