WPS Account Opening Procedures

Employee Account Opening

  • Encode all required information for payroll account opening application through WPS Online (Maker access is a must).
    1. Personal mobile number (registered under the employee’s QID).
    2. Qatar Residential Address should specify the Building, Street & Area Numbers.
    3. All details should be in capital letters.
  • Following valid ID documents must be attached with the Payroll Account Opening Form:
    1. Copy of Qatar ID (front & back) with Authorized Signatory signature & company stamp.
    2. Copy of Passport (including last page for below Countries – which includes home country address) with Authorized signatory signature & company stamp.


Countries that require passport copy of home country address
India Rwanda Uzbekistan Bangladesh Kenya
Nepal Uganda Afghanistan Indonesia China
Sri Lanka Togolese Iraq Myanmar Mali
Philippines South Africa Guinea Ghana Thailand
Bhutan Brazil Yemen Tanzania Burkina Faso
  • Employee will sign as per their Qatar ID only inside the designated signature boxes (Customer Declaration & Signature Specimen Card).
  • Authorized signatory will have to sign as per computer card inside the Employer Undertaking box.
  • All of the supporting documents (other than Corporate Application for Payroll Account opening & Payroll Account Opening form) available with employee/authorized signatory signatures must be company stamped.
  • Attach the control sheet (computerized) with computer card copy. (Establishment card). Click here for Control Sheet

Tracking process for employee Account opening:

Please note all Account opening applications can be tracked using the below instructions.

  • Login to your WPS online portal: wps.qib.com.qa using your username and password.
  • Select “My account opening request” from the menu.
  • Using the search option (application reference number / QID / employee name) you can find the status of Account opening request that you have submitted.
  • For rejected applications the employer can check the reason by chooses “My account opening request” from the menu and then search the record by (application reference number / QID / employee name) then select “view” and they can see the reason in “remarks”.

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Main Rejection Reasons for WPS Account Opening
  • Employee signature mismatch (not as per QID) or missing signature on application
  • Employee’s personal data mismatch (not as per QID & Passport)
  • Missing second page of passport (which includes home country address), where applicable
  • Missing company stamps on documents
  • Missing or mismatched Signature of Authorized signatory (Not as per establishment card)
  • Expired documents (QID or passport)
  • Mobile number provided already exists in the system. It should be unique & the one registered under the employee’s QID
  • Wrong segment selected since the salary should be below QAR 5,000. Employee should personally come to the WPS center in our industrial area branch, with a salary certificate, original QID & Passport
  • Details of Residential National Address in Qatar should be in Numbers
  • Missing employee signature or finger print (finger print should be updated in the immigration department)
  • Date of birth mismatch between QID and passport (should be updated in the immigration department)