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Savings and Takaful Plans:

Walady Education Plan

A mother’s heart will always worry about her children. At QIB, we want you to be worry-free because your children deserve the best education they can get. Our Shari’a-compliant Child Education Plan will help you give them a bright and secure future. This is a long term savings, investment and takaful protection plan which provides financial security for your child’s education and also offers attractive returns based on the maturity of the policy.

Key features and benefits with Child Education Plan:

  • A regular savings platform for a specific term
  • Life cover of the parent for the child’s benefit
  • Flexible Plan period and payment period based on the needs
  • Flexibility to choose adequate Takaful protection level based on age and contribution
  • Option to boost your contributions any time with additional lump sum payments
  • Attractive Shari’a-compliant investment funds

Takaful Health Insurance

Our Takaful Health Insurance plan ensures that your financial needs are covered in case of unexpected unfortunate emergencies related to female health issues.

We offer exclusive insurance packages for ladies:

  • Free Takaful Benefit: Free Takaful cover for 1 year, which would cover Death and Critical illness due to female related cancer as below:
Benefit • QR
Death Any Cause • 100,000
Critical illness - Female Specific Cancers (50% Payout) • 50,000
  • The policy will be terminated immediately whenever 100% of the basic sum assured is paid. A waiting period 90 days from inception, shall be applied in case of death resulting from illness or sickness.
  • Issue ages: 18-45 (last birthday)
  • Maximum age at death: 50 (last birthday)

Family Shield Term Takaful Product

Family Shield is a family Takaful policy which provides a relief in times of distress. It is a simple, convenient, and affordable policy which provides attractive benefits such as the following at a very small premium. The policy term is for 2 years

Death (Basic Cover) : The insured value is paid to the dependents of the policy holder due to death (by natural or accident) of the policy holder.

Disability: The insured value is paid to the policy holder due to disability, Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) or Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

Critical Illness: The insured value is paid to the policyholder due to unfortunate afflictions of selected critical illnesses (Cancer, Myocardial infarction, Stroke, Coronary artery surgery (two or more), Renal Failure)