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Customized products for our Ladies Customers:

As a lady, you will be delighted to know that we offer you suite of deposit and financing products with preferential rates, as well as credit and debit cards that come with exceptional benefits.

Deposit Products:

Our ladies customers get our standard QIB propositions that are offered through our Personal Banking, Tamayuz Banking and Private Banking solutions, in addition you are eligible for exclusive ladies only benefits and packages that were designed to give you efficient financial freedom you deserve.

We offer preferential profit rates on fixed deposit whether it is for short or long term requirements, as per the table below:

Tenor Expected Profit Rates
3 Months 1.15%
6 Months 1.40%
1 Year 1.75%
2 Years 2.25%

Finance Products:

Achieve your individual goals with our personal financing schemes. We provide quick and hassle-free finance for all your needs – personal, auto or home at competitive profit rates.