QIB Mobile App

The new app features

Clear Navigation
Easy to use Interface
Less steps to complete tasks
Smart Shortcuts
Easy access with Biometric Login
Customizable Home-screen

1. Pre-Login

You can do the following through the pre-login

  • Register using your Active Debit Card details ..Know More
  • Login using your Face ID, Fingerprint, or Username and password
  • New to QIB? Open a new account instantly .. Know More
  • Login Using Discreet Mode
  • Check Your Account/Card Balance using the Sneak Peek feature
  • Find our locations, check currency exchange rates, watch the take a tour video, and get help through FAQs and demos.
  • Access to login screens based on known/unknown device
  • Retrieve your username, Password or unblock access
  • You can also Contact Us
  • You can switch language

2. Homepage

The new QIB Mobile App features a better organized Homepage:

  • Shortcuts to your most used product and services
  • Customize your landing page to display products that are most relevant to you
  • Personalized recommendations and offers to meet your needs
  • Direct access to the next action
  • View most used accounts / cards / beneficiaries
  • Check your Latest activities
  • Shortcuts to discounts and Absher Rewards Program.. Know more

3. My Products

You can access all the products you are signed up to with QIB. Through My Products, you can:

  • Check all your accounts
  • View your mPay Digital Wallet.. Know more
  • View all your cards
  • View your deposits and investments
  • View your finance position
  • View your Debit Card Details for your online shopping by tapping on “Tap for e-Shop” on your card
  • Start Trading by linking The Group Brokerage Account with your Bank Account.. Know More
  • Shortcuts for additional services, such as temporary credit card limit increase, postponement of installments, Easy Payment Plan (EPP) and apply for products

4. Smart Button

The Smart Button provides you with a shortcut to a value-added service, such as:

  • View your net worth
  • Access your personalized offers (Instant Finance, Instant Credit Card, Family Shield and more)
  • Contact your relationship manager (Tamayuz and Private only)
  • Access to Absher Rewards.. Know more
  • Latest announcements
  • Avail Exclusive Discounts
  • Get Help or contact us
  • Book a branch visit
  • Carbon Emission Tracker. Click here to learn more.

5.Pay & Transfer

In the new app, all payments and transfer services are grouped together. Through Pay & Transfer, you can:

  • Pay all your bills (Ooredoo, Kahramaa, Vodafone, Dareeba, Family Court)
  • Transfer money within your accounts
  • Transfer money to other external bank accounts local or international (View Demo)
  • Instant transfers through Western Union.. Know more
  • Direct Remit to selected countries.. Know more
  • Visa Direct to 34 countries.. Know more
  • E-Cash service to send cash instantly from your mobile.. Know more
  • Pay your children school fees in collaboration with more than 15 schools..Know more
  • Set standing orders
  • Add or manage beneficiaries


In the new app, access to the More button gives you a fast and easy access to a variety of other services. Through the More button, you can

  • Access useful tools such as currency exchange and convertors.
  • Service requests related to accounts, cards, Takaful
  • Apply for new products (Finance, open additional Accounts, Growing Deposit, Fixed Deposit, Flexi CD, cards and Takaful)
  • Access IPO services
  • Review your cheque history
  • Share the cheque details with the bank before the bank processes it, through the Easy Cheque Clearing new feature.
  • Reactivate your dormant account without the need to visit the branch or call the call center.
  • Links to other QIB apps
  • Rate our App


In the new app, access to Profile and Settings is made easy with a click on the profile image on the top of the page. Through the Profile button, you can:

  • Upload or Change your profile photos
  • Log out from the app
  • View your notifications and alerts
  • Update your personal information and contact details (View Demo)
  • Upload personal documents (QID, Passport, Salary certificate, and others)
  • Go to app settings to:
    • Change or update your passwords
    • Change your biometric login preferences
    • Enabled Discreet mode
    • Balance sneak peek settings
    • Display settings (light / Dark Mode, Adjust the font sizes,   special interface for Tamayuz and Private customers)
    • Set your preferred Communication Language for SMSs and e-mails
    • Register the devices that are used to open the application and set your primary device

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