QIB Mobile App

The new app features

Clear Navigation
Easy to use Interface
Less steps to complete tasks
Smart Shortcuts
Easy access with Biometric Login
Customizable Home-screen

1. Pre-Login

You can do the following through the pre-login

  • Register using your Active Debit Card details ..Know More
  • Login using your Face ID, Fingerprint, or Username and password
  • New to QIB? Open a new account instantly .. Know More
  • Login Using Discreet Mode
  • Check Your Account/Card Balance using the Sneak Peek feature
  • Find our locations, check currency exchange rates, watch the take a tour video, and get help through FAQs and demos.
  • Access to login screens based on known/unknown device
  • Retrieve your username, Password or unblock access
  • You can also Contact Us
  • You can switch language

2. Homepage

The new QIB Mobile App features a better organized Homepage:

  • Shortcuts to your most used product and services
  • Customize your landing page to display products that are most relevant to you
  • Personalized recommendations and offers to meet your needs
  • Direct access to the next action
  • View most used accounts / cards / beneficiaries
  • Check your Latest activities
  • Shortcuts to discounts and Absher Rewards Program.. Know more

3. My Products

You can access all the products you are signed up to with QIB. Through My Products, you can:

  • Check all your accounts
  • View your mPay Digital Wallet.. Know more
  • View all your cards
  • View your deposits and investments
  • View your finance position
  • Start Trading by linking The Group Brokerage Account with your Bank Account.. Know More
  • Shortcuts for additional services, such as temporary credit card limit increase, postponement of installments, and apply for products

4. Smart Button

The Smart Button provides you with a shortcut to a value-added service, such as:

  • View your net worth
  • Access your personalized offers (Instant Finance, Instant Credit Card, Family Shield and more)
  • Contact your relationship manager (Tamayuz and Private only)
  • Access to Absher Rewards.. Know more
  • Latest announcements
  • Avail Exclusive Discounts
  • Get Help or contact us
  • Book a branch visit

5.Pay & Transfer

In the new app, all payments and transfer services are grouped together. Through Pay & Transfer, you can:

  • Pay all your bills (Ooredoo, Kahramaa, Vodafone, Dareeba, Family Court)
  • Transfer money within your accounts
  • Transfer money to other external bank accounts local or international (View Demo)
  • Instant transfers through Western Union.. Know more
  • Direct Remit to selected countries.. Know more
  • Visa Direct to 34 countries.. Know more
  • E-Cash service to send cash instantly from your mobile.. Know more
  • Pay your children school fees in collaboration with more than 15 schools..Know more
  • Set standing orders
  • Add or manage beneficiaries


In the new app, access to the More button gives you a fast and easy access to a variety of other services. Through the More button, you can

  • Access useful tools such as currency exchange and convertors.
  • Service requests related to accounts, cards, Takaful
  • Apply for new products (Finance, open additional Accounts / deposits, cards and Takaful)
  • Access IPO services
  • Review your cheque history
  • Share the cheque details with the bank before the bank processes it, through the Easy Cheque Clearing new feature.
  • Reactivate your dormant account without the need to visit the branch or call the call center.
  • Links to other QIB apps
  • Rate our App


In the new app, access to Profile and Settings is made easy with a click on the profile image on the top of the page. Through the Profile button, you can:

  • Upload or Change your profile photos
  • Log out from the app
  • View your notifications and alerts
  • Update your personal information and contact details (View Demo)
  • Upload personal documents (QID, Passport, Salary certificate, and others)
  • Go to app settings to:
    • Change or update your passwords
    • Change your biometric login preferences
    • Enabled Discreet mode
    • Balance sneak peek settings
    • Display settings (light / Dark Mode, Adjust the font sizes,   special interface for Tamayuz and Private customers)
    • Set your preferred Communication Language for SMSs and e-mails
    • Register the devices that are used to open the application and set your primary device

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