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Afaq Savings Plan

Enjoy every moment while saving for tomorrow

An investment opportunity to fulfill your aspirations

Afaq plan offers you two key benefits – Investment & Takaful protection. Today you may be enjoying a steady income, while dreaming of a prosperous future, meanwhile your present financial situation may not be sufficient enough to secure this prosperous future. With proper financial planning, combined with a Takaful plan, you can take joy in accomplishing your aspirations. Thanks to QIB-Medgulf Takaful Shari’a-compliant Afaq Savings Plan, you can plan for the future, today.

Afaq enables you to choose your required Takaful cover and also invest in Shari’a Compliant funds irrespective of the minimum subscription required in each funds. This will give you the flexibility and convenience to grow your savings at a gradual pace according to your financial ability.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The product mentioned in this brochure is designed and underwritten by Medgulf Takaful. This brochure contains only general information. It does not constitute an offer to buy or sell a Takaful plan or service, nor is it intended to provide any financial advice. Any person interested in this plan should read and consider its complete Terms and Conditions before making a decision. Medgulf Takaful shall conduct the underwriting of any contract relating to Takaful Products. The execution of any such contract is subject to Medgulf’s prior approval. Please request further information from your Relationship Manager at QIB.

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